Taylor Jackson: Visual Artist

Twitter: @ThvtJvcksonGvl

Instagram: @thatjacksongal_

deviantart: ettelra93

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEFymQ0amt-x0IibLnLABRA

"Redefined" Janelle Monae inspires me immensely, along with Michael Jackson. Both were/ are most definitely inspirational fashion icons. The first thing I noticed about Janelle wasn't her music- but how she dressed. I can only hope to achieve her level of slay one day lol. She's always redefining her style, look,music, and message. 

"Sistah" Acrylic on canvas. This piece was inspired by the anti street harassment movement. I think the look on this woman's face tells you everything you need to know- that even though she is beautiful and showinga lot of skin, no one is entitled to her time. I can relate to this painting so much. Even though I haven't experienced a lot of harassment, things like this still bothers me. The full image can be seen on my Instagram! 

I tend to draw people that inspire me, and Janet is one of them. She is Black feminist magic, and nothing else needs to be said lol

"Shadows at  Herman Park" (photography)

I like to dabble in many forms of visual art, as well as amateur photography. Anything that I think will make a good shot, I post, without editing the photo. I want to capture the very essence of the colors in order to get the viewer to feel what I'm feeling. This was shot with a Nikon L840.