Code Switching by Jada Mosely

African American children should be taught to code switch because they do not have to speak Standard English in all settings. Speaking proper English is only required in the classroom and in the workplace, but some parents also require their children to speak to them using Standard English. When children are just with their friends they are more than likely to use slang terms rather than Standard English. However, they need to know when it is and is not appropriate to use slang terms.

    I was not taught how to code switch, instead I was taught to speak Standard English. Throughout my life people told me that I talk like a white girl when all I do is speak proper English and they were all black people. When people told me a talked white when I was younger I did not think anything of it, but now I think it is an insult. Other black people make it seem like being able to speak properly is talking white as if black people are not capable of speaking well. It was not until I got older when I picked up on various slang terms and started code switching rather than speaking Standard English all the time.

       I think that code switching can be tricky to learn because some people can make simple mistakes in interviews because they are used to speaking using slang terms rather than Standard English. Speaking from personal experience, I am able to code switch easily especially in interviews for jobs and in school. Everyone learns differently and I had times in my life where I wished I did not speak so properly because I did not fit in with everyone else, but speaking Standard English is what will get you a job.