The "N" Word by Jada Mosely

The “N” word is originally a derogatory term that was used as an insult against African Americans that was pronounced and spelled as “nigger”. The definition and spelling has changed over time and the word now has four different definitions. “Nigger” has now turned into “ Nigga” in modern day society. The first definition of the word is the original definition of the word and the second definition, “nigga”, is a term that black people reinvented and use as a term of endearment. The third definition is a black person that does not know how to behave. This word eventually became a term of endearment that everyone wanted to use, which is the fourth definition.

    The “N” word is always a tricky subject to talk about especially for me because my views contradict each other. I do not believe in the fourth definition of the word because I do not want a white person calling me “nigga” and trying to be “down” because they are not black. It is obvious that white people want to be like us. It is not just the word “nigga”, it is so many other things they do so they can be “down with the niggas”, but here’s the thing… they will never be a nigga.

     White people tend to blame African American culture o their reasons for acting out, which is very disturbing. They cannot even own up to the stupid things that they say and do without bringing up black people or rap music. When I hear the word “nigga” in rap music by black people I believe that it is not inclusive for white people to use. There are also white people that will say, “it’s just a word”, well if that is the case then why do you want to use it so bad? I just feel like white people want to take control over everything and they are mad because our culture is the one thing that they cannot take from us.