Blackout by Jasmine

As we all can see, the Blackout was a success. But I can't help but notice an issue looming in the backdrop of this celebration of melanin. No, it's not the so called "White Out" that attempted to steal the shine. And it's not the other PoC complaining about not being able to participate. It's the large number of our fellow Black brothers and sisters calling us "racist" and "ignorant" for making this "Blacking of the internet" possible. The first thing people need to understand is that our Black pride, Black beauty, and Black interests are not in any way, shape, or form anti-White. Anybody who feels uncomfortable with our display of confidence in such an anti-Black world is only displaying their ignorance. Then they try to disguise their spite by saying we're being "selfish" when in reality, they are just uncomfortable with Black beauty in the spotlight. The fact that new Blacks are so concerned with maintaining the comfort of White people that they'd tell their brothers and sisters to stifle our exaltation on this Blackout Friday is utterly disgusting. Brothers and sisters, you should not waste your time trying to protect those who are against you during your times of triumph and nowhere to be found when you suffer. You do not owe these ignorant people one moment of your precious Black life. So instead of spending your days campaigning for the comfort of "Massa," you should break your figurative chains and join the festival of glorious Black skin.