Blackout by Nia Evans

See blackout day is beautiful to me it's like a big family reunion of beautiful black people and I'm  totally feeling it but with every family reunion there are the cousins who are only there to make a plate and leave and that's what I like to call the new blacks. Im on tumblr looking and admiring everyone , everything is great but then I look on Twitter and see everyone and their momma talking about "#blackoutday #blackisbeautiful " and of course I'm here for that until I see the new blacks hoping on the bandwagon. The same people who get on me for being pro black on a regular basis are the same ones posting pictures and preaching and I'm over it. People are using this as a day to get attention and that's not at all what it's about ,its about appreciating and loving each other but how are you going to display that when you hate your own people every other day of the week. I just want to know if  these people really had a change of heart or just want a increase in their favorites.