#NoShouldBeEnough by Jada Mosely

No should be enough to stop a man from raping a woman.

A woman saying no should be enough to be considered rape.

People have the terrible habit of victim blaming when they hear someone's rape story.

Was she drunk?

Did she fight back?

If she did not physically fight back, some will say that it is not rape. Even though men can hold their victim at gun point, or carry another weapon on them. Some rapists also beat and/or kill the rape victim for resisting.

If she was drunk, some will still say she was not raped, even though rape simply means sex without consent. If she was drunk and was not aware of her actions how is that not rape?

The whole point is this, no means no.

No should be enough. No IS enough.

It is absolutely disgusting to rape someone and take advantage of them.