Reassurance by Kee Rose

Here's to all the black girls

that wake up in the morning wishing for a different hair texture,

A different skin tone;

Anything that allows them to be seen as a treasure instead of failure 

Looks of disgust and snickers as they pass

Society tells us to be ourselves then when you do, you're the laughing stock

The culture that everyone mocks but somehow seems to get no credit for.

Why do we have to go the extra mile to convince our girls to love what looks back at them?

Why do we have to stress the fact that even the darkest skin is still a gem, 

with the most gorgeous glow wrapped on top with a huge red bow 

How dare you tell our girls not to love what sprouts out of their scalp? 

Too self expressive & you're called bitter as they forget passionate exists 

If it was another race, it would be bold & outspoken 

Now that's a true plot twist

Flinching at the scars on your hands from catching yourself from 

falling into heavy depression bouncing back with plenty of bittersweet lessons that are

Deeper than the water you drown in after trying to rid the resentment on your light brown face

& the guilt eats you alive for having the audacity to wish you were another race

But see,

These habits, they are learned

Dear black girls, please stop searching high and low for acceptance

It is at the very tip of your fingers.

Now reach for a seed of clarity and next to it you will plant a seed of peace 

Later, little black girl, you will grow up & remember how you blossomed

Loving yourself seemed so impossible 

The Universe told you go to sleep, give it to God - BABYGIRL I got you. 

So you ran along and loved the stained tears along your curves  

And the way your body moved 

flawlessly while you danced in your underwear 

While running your fingers through your perfectly coiled hair

You look in the mirror and smile at Gods lovely creation 

The sun is dragged back into sight

Society taught the clouds to hand on so tight

But you made it right, beautiful black girl full of light