Rapist Lexicon: A Language Sweeping Cyberspace by Jessica Udeh

Here are some phrases I’m sure you’ve heard:

“Girls/guys should just take karate”

“But did she/he get aroused?”

“She/he could have at least put up a fight”

“What was she wearing?”


If you’ve ever said or thought any of these things, chances are you’ve been consumed by rape culture! Congrats! Recently, a story about a rape hit the twitter community, and the responses were…alarming. People, guys mostly, said things like “well if you gave in it wasn’t rape.” Stupid right? I know. What’s worse is the girls who are either trying to survive amongst guys or just looking for attention, who agree with these egregious statements. Each time you target the victim and not the attacker it diminishes the chances of another coming forward and reporting their attack. Our focus should be more geared towards putting an end to rape and less towards telling people how to “protect” themselves or “prevent” the attack. Face it, people of all ages, races, genders and social classes get raped. To say somebody was raped because of an outfit is not only ill-witted but toxic. It doesn't matter what you're wearing AT ALL. Let’s switch gears and target the real issue. Let’s teach people not to rape so there is no reason to police outfits & victim blame. Let’s STOP the subconscious acts of misogyny and put an end to rape culture.