By Rachel Nelson

I got on Facebook one night out of boredom and I saw a video a woman who claimed to be biracial explaining why black men prefer white women. I wonder if she got this logic from her parents and if so, why would she believe this as a woman of color? I’m not one to force an identity upon someone but I’m biracial and I am fully aware that society sees me as black and I see myself as black. In the video she suggests that 85% of black women nag and emasculate their men and black women don’t care, listen, or support their men. According to her, white women try new things in bed. And I don’t know why I didn’t see this one coming but white girls have real hair. Oh I had to turn the video off after that because I for one am sick and tired of hearing these lies.

I guess black women are the only ones buying weave because Britney Spears, the whole Kardashian Klan, and Jessica Simpson don’t wear them? Jessica even has her own line and Britney has several pictures with her tracks showing. White hair stylists have actually praised black women for how well they keep up with their hair. Black women aren’t adventurous in bed, yet there are plenty of “urban romance” books that have extremely explicit scenes that include all types of sex. Feminista Jones just came out with Push the Button, a novel about black professionals into BDSM. Black women only nag and don’t allow their men to lead? I’ve seen plenty of AMAZING black women nag their men who weren’t doing anything productive with their life. We “nag” when there’s a problem and we “nag” when we’re tired of seeing our men going down the wrong path.

There is no such thing as black women do it this way and white women do the opposite. I’m one who does believe in my man being the head of the household but that doesn’t mean I’m going to sit there and not have my say. Black women fight for their men, don’t let anyone tell you differently. Throughout history, black women have fought for their men. But I feel like black women got the short end of the stick because we fight for all types of equality across the board and it seems nobody fights for us. We’re forgotten because we’re seen as a problem – ghetto, loud, attitudes. I have no problem with interracial dating but I do have a problem with people only dating outside of their race because they don’t value their blackness. Her parents, especially her black father, failed her because she doesn’t see any value in it and she even sticks up for anti-blackness. It’s fine for black men to date white women exclusively and white women saying they’re the best, but what happens when they have daughters? How do you tell your daughter that she’s not worth love? If you truly are in love with a person, you love who and what they are. It hurts to see black men I love say they prefer white women or foreign women because of stupid traits ALL WOMEN have but only BLACK WOMEN get called out for. It hurts to see black men I love defend white women who are anti-black. Why do white women think black men prefer them and who told them that? One day I hope people date people for the right reasons…