A challenge to ALL Black girls #blackgirlchallenge by: prettyin blvck

I dare you too........
love yourself 
be unapologetic 
speak up, because you have something to say
flaunt your versatile hair textures
allow your melanin to pop severely
be a confident black girl
be happy
uplift and inspire other black girls
be bold
smile a lot
be care free
take a lot of pictures
post them all over social media #blackoutday
laugh the LOUDEST
believe that your life matters
support your brothers, even when they don't support you
love yourself all the time
love your features
love your body
love others
remind yourself of your value
see the values in others
remember that you are important
use your black girl magic to make a change
wear various colors
be a black girl to the fullest extent
don't regret it
don't look back 
keep moving forward
I dare you.