Pound Cake speech review(old) by Jada Mosely

  I do believe that Bill Cosby made valid points in his speech, but the attitudes that he expressed overall seemed like internalized racism. Bill Cosby was right when he said that black people need to take control of our communities in order to improve. Also proper parenting skills play a huge role in black communities, however parenting is important in all communities regardless of race. I think Bill Cosby was flawed when he made that statement because he made parenting skills solely a black parenting issue. The problem in society is that black parents have to teach their kids to be more restricted because it is not just their behavior that can get them punished. The media views black teenagers as thugs and gang members and profile them as such. Bill Cosby is stating that black parents have to teach their kids to be on their "p's and q's" in order to be treated properly in society.

   The worst part of Bill Cosby's speech was... his whole speech. If I did not know who Bill Cosby was, I would think that he was an old white man that preached about respectability politics because that is exactly what Bill Cosby did. Rather than challenging the mass media and the oppressors, we must try to walk like them, talk like them, and be exactly like them in order to get respect. When I say "them" I do not exactly mean white people. I am also speaking on behalf of those black people that were taught "proper" English and live in suburban neighborhoods. Some of those black people put themselves above others that come from the ghetto and prefer to use slang terms and sag their pants. However, it does not matter if you have on a hoodie or a suit, you can still be racially profiled and receive unfair treatment. At the end of the day, Bill Cosby is a black man and I hope that he does not forget that.