You Can't Shame Me by Nia Evans

Imagine you enjoy watching a movie that always gets poor ratings and not too many people enjoy it. You feel the need to be secretive and hide the fact that you enjoy watching the film because you're afraid of judgment. It's ridiculous isn't it , why should you be judged on what choice you make personally? Why does it matter that you enjoy the movie and others don't ?If you agree with this then congratulations you understand slut shaming is wrong.

Since the beginning of time women have been forced to hide their sexuality and save themselves for marriage. Even within religion men have been allowed to have multiple wives but if a female even comes close to touching another man death is the punishment. Now have things improved since then ? Sure ! But do we have a long way to go ? Hell yeah.

Slut shaming is ridiculous why are people obsessed with who visits ANOTHER PERSONS most private area. People say "your body is a temple" but don't thousands of people visit and go inside temples anyways so what sense does that make? Women don't even get shamed anymore for just having sex.
Post a cleavage shot? Slut
Picture in underwear ? Slut
Like to party on the weekends ?slut

The two most ridiculous parts I'm torn on are

1)women who slut shame women
2) men who ask for sex then slut shame women.

Excuse me Ladies why are you obsessed with someone else vagina? It's okay to not agree it's okay honestly no ones forcing anything down your throat....but do yourself a favor and mind your own business.

Men please explain to me how it makes sense to shame a woman for agreeing to have sex with you. And please don't give me it's the "it's the chase bs". Women are not game boys. Be happy someone wants to have sex with you and shut up.

Listen I'm not perfect I am human and I have slut shamed in the past. Even now I slip up every now and then but I'm still unlearning , we all are. Stop tearing down other people for their personal choices , let people live their life the way they feel works for them.