BlackOutDay: Do you REALLY care? By Jada Mosely

In case you were not on social media last month on the first Friday, you may not be aware of what BlackOutDay is so let me break it down. BlackOutDay is now every first Friday of the month where black people show their love and appreciation for themselves and each other by posting selfies, etc. etc. Of course this trending topic gets a lot of buzz and even the new blacks decided to join us on these lovely days!

Now I am all for loving yourself in the skin you are in and encouraging others to do so, but this is an everyday thing for me. The new blacks aka house niggas aka “I’m black, but I bash pro black people” are the ones that make my skin itch when I see them bash pro blacks then turn around and participate in BlackOutDay. However, this can be something to change them and make them not want to bash others… LOL YEAH RIGHT! I believed that theory from the last BlackOutDay, but the same people continued to throw hate the next day and all the days following, until of course today.

Today is the second BlackOutDay of the year and I truly hope that people will genuinely change and progress.