Do black women look down on black men or black men look down on black women? by Amira Crosby

Black men do look down on black women and everyone knows hat because it's everywhere. Black women get slander 24/7 by black men everyday about each and everything they do and most times that don't even realize it because they're so brainwashed by white supremacy that they think it's normal and it's okay when in reality it's not. It's not okay. You know, my little brother who happens to be 15 told me that "most black girls don't have enough hair to put their in a ponytail nor a bun", when we were having a conversation about hair. “What kind of ignorance?”, was my first thought and then we had a very rigorous debate about that. He believed there was nothing wrong with his statement and believed it to be 100% accurate. Black women get slandered for their melanin, their hair texture, even their so called "bad attitudes". Black women get called loud, ghetto, ratchet, cockroaches, animals, any name of disrespect you could think of and its sad because it usually comes from within our race-our black men! Which I don't understand whatsoever because those black men also have black mothers and it just disgusts me how you could just talk down on the woman who carried you for 9 months and went through so much for you! Like it just amazes how some black men put down their own women, it doesn't add up to me. And as a result of the slander, black women start to believe that black men aren’t worth it because of how black men talk about them! They believe that black men are no good because of how rude they are to their own women! The women that have held them down since the beginning of time. The women that are out there protesting for you, fighting for your rights and so forth and they (the black men) just continuously put you down and talk bad about you for no reason no there is a reason. They are brainwashed by white society and are so blinded that they don't even recognize the wrongness of this. I hope our black men wake up and accept black women for everything they hate about us.