Racism v. Prejudice by Santana Alvarado




The widely accepted definition of prejudice is the preconceived opinions and thoughts and feelings about a person you don’t know based on their outer selves.

this, to me, isn’t a bad thing in moderation.

it’s innate as humans in the society built because through our experiences, environment, and other factors.

we, as girls and women, have to learn to do this and work that muscle every day for our safety.

we have to be aware, profile, and judge.

to me parts of prejudice is necessary and good.


it is not good or necessary when prejudice is applied to different and diverse races and cultures.

we have all learned the stereotypes and over generalized lies about each culture whether it be that of Asian, Jewish, Black, Latino, etc.

but that’s what they are, over generalized lies that are extremely offensive and demeaning used by ignorant people too lazy to learn and open their minds up to what’s actually happening internationally.


racism, to me, is the deep seeded systematic, structural, and institutionalized oppression of the racial minorities based on a racial hierarchy that has been established and enforced by those in power.

those in power refers to white people.

the racial minorities and oppressed are people of color.

because while we, people and cultures of color, numerically speaking hold the majority, that small percentage of white people dominate the job market, school system, and all other aspects of society.


people of color cannot be racist!


if a black person hates another black person that is not racism. that is white supremacy and our racist society succeeding in its hate-filled job of forcing us black and brown people to see ourselves as worthless, dirty, savages that need to either die, leave, or abandon our lush heritage and let the white man “civilize” us.


if a black person hates white people that is not racism either. that is simply us being aware and enraged at the fact that our lives do not matter as much as white lives. that there is a wage gap, an incarceration gap, and a political gap between white people and the rest of us.


we as people of color have no power in society.

therefore none of our ideologies or feelings will hold any ground any time soon.

while several people like to see racism as an idea or intangible radical notion it is very much alive in obvious and sinister ways.

racism helped build and thus infiltrated our institutions whether it be political, educational, religious, or medical.

black and brown people have no influence or say in these fields so our feelings and opinions are just that: feelings and opinions.


white people as a privileged group will not suffer if black people feel strong hate or rage against them, even if we do put those feelings into action (not saying we should)

but on the other hand black people will suffer is white people dislike us and act on those feelings ie. police brutality, microaggressions, access to education, the schools to prisons pipeline, the fetishizing and abuse of black men and women, etc.  


lastly, i am unceasingly sending my love, energy, and prayers to the families affected by the terrorist attack in Charleston and am keeping the congregation as well as those protesting and gathering in my prayers.