Do black women look down on black men or do black men look down on black women? by Dayna Kat

Question: Do black women look down on black men or do black men look down on black women?


            On social media, it’s so easy for us to take sides: black women saying that black men don’t love us, or vice versa, and black men saying black women don’t appreciate them. But let’s be honest here: this issue goes both ways. I see black men on Twitter bashing black women constantly. We’re always the “bitter black bitches” or “shea butter Twitter”. It’s very problematic because majority of these boys spewing hatred towards black women were raised by one---or many. And most of what they’re saying are basic overgeneralizations of ALL black women based on interactions with a few of us. And offline, I’ve have several experiences with black men, hating me, saying negative things about me and other black women. When I what makes them say things like that, they usually don’t have any solid justification. It’s unfortunate because they probably have internalized false senses of inferiority and thus, project these feelings of hatred onto black women.

However, I would be doing a disservice if I didn’t stay that black women are not only victims, but perpetrators of this nonsense. Whether it is a defense mechanism or simply a way of living, I see black women on and off the internet bashing black men for no good reason. Yes, you may have had a bad experience with ONE black man but that doesn’t mean that EVERY black man is the same. In a time where black bodies are being devalued, disrespected, and dehumanized, it should be an urge for unity amongst black people, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, or disability. Instead of looking down on each, we need to uplift and empower.


Live and love,