X by Essence Harley


His name was X but that wasn’t his first

He had a birth name but it was decided for him.

He was a muliti-faucted man

Started on the black market ended in the black caucus

One day he got caught up which ironically

Was the catalyst for his growth, a growth that would wake up the globe.

He changed his name as he changed the game

A real revolutionary.

Not afraid to get in your face and expel the flaws in the system

Started as a follower, transformed into a leader

Until the same people that he was fighting for turned the fight inward

To help the antagonist maintain what he always wanted:


The four letter word that is used to often yet it’s so misunderstood

Malcolm had the real power

Black Power: culturally rich, dynamic, tenacious, resilient and beautiful.

The most supreme on Earth.